Girl Impact Map RWANDA


The Girl Impact Map is an innovative mapping tool that allows users to plot key behavioural and attitudinal data for girls throughout the country, as well as girl-focused programmes and resources in Rwanda.

The Girl Impact Map platform will allow organisations to identify the situation and needs of girls in a more strategic, informed manner, focusing specifically on where those girls are. This will enable the most effective and efficient distribution of resources.

By overlaying this with programme and resource location data, users can identify areas of Rwanda in which girls require specific support that is not currently being met. Or, equally, opportunities for collaboration with existing programmes and organisations working in the same area.

Furthermore, the creative layering of data allows users to develop their own hypothesises that can be easily shared amongst development practitioners, the Rwandan government and others who are interested in girls' issues.

The platform includes behavioural and attitudinal data from the National Census, DHS survey and surveys commissioned by Girl Hub Rwanda. In addition, girl programme location data has been included from individual organisations within Rwanda, along with girl resource location data (e.g. schools, hospitals, police stations) sourced from the Rwandan government.

We are always looking for more data to include on this platform. If your organisation is not represented here and you currently have programmes in Rwanda reaching girls (10-19yrs), please contact us at

For more information on the technical background, see our available Resources.